Wedding Bands In Birmingham – Choose the Right One for Your Big Day

Wedding band music plays an integral part of any wedding and hence it is important that you choose the right music and songs for your big day. There are different types of music that can be played at a wedding ceremony and each has to be selected according to the event. Usually the different sets of music or songs required vary according to the function which includes seating of the guests, bridal march, wedding ceremony, wedding march and the reception.

wedding band live in birminghamIt is entirely up to you and your partner to decide whether you want to go in for live wedding bands in Birmingham or prerecorded music. Usually the songs and music selected to play on the D-day is a true reflection of the style and taste of the bride and groom. It can either be in accordance with the culture and traditions of the couple or the wedding theme. The couple can also go in for songs that are close to their heart, maybe a few pieces that marked special moments of their courtship. Even the royal wedding witnessed something similar when Prince William decided to play the song dedicated to his mother during the ceremony.

There are so many options these days on how to play the songs or music on your wedding day even with a selection of bands from . You can either go in for a live wedding band or hire a string quartet; a modern twist would be a live DJ or keep costs low by playing your musical choices through an iPod. If you prefer a traditional ceremony infused with some old world charm, then live wedding bands/music is the perfect way to keep the music flowing. One of the advantages of using a live band is that there is a certain warmth and intimacy to the whole set up which helps to connect with the audience better.

Another high point is that the band members can assess the mood of the crowd and also make the evening more entertaining and memorable. But a disadvantage is that there is a limit to the number as well as kind of songs that will be played by a band. Most wedding bands have a pre-fixed set of wedding songs; if you require anything new or extra, the band has to be informed well ahead to learn and rehearse the song for the function; this could also push up the expenses further.

Selecting the music or song for the first dance is another important aspect; choose one that is comfortable for both you as well as your partner. Take care not to choose a very slow or very fast number unless you are professional or trained dancers. And also choose a song that has meaningful lyrics and holds special memories for the two of you rather than picking up the latest hit number.

The wedding is going to be one of the most important days of your life and hence choose wedding bands/music that will leave special memories in your minds as well as in your guests’.

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